On 3 - 4 April  2014 seminar "New trends in immunology: from the basic science to the clinical research” will take place at RSU. The seminar is organized within the framework of the project “Unlocking Infectious diseases research potential at Rīga Stradiņš university” supported by the EC.

The seminar will be held at 16 Dzirciema street, Riga, Block K, Senate Hall, at 9.30 – 17.00. 



Thursday, 3 April 2014


Welcome of participants
Modra Murovska, MD, PhD, “Baltinfect” coordinator

Session 1. Infection and Immunity I
Session Chairs:  Maciej Cedzynski, PhD; Hazel Dockrell, MD, PhD

09.45 - 10.25 Infections and autoimmunity
Aaro Miettinen, MD, PhD, Department of Bacteriology and Immunology, University of Helsinki, Finland
10.25 - 11.05 Infection induced autoimmunity in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. A case for multiplex serology
Jonas Blomberg, MD, PhD, Uppsala University, Sweden
11.05 - 11.25 Postvaccional immunity and new trends in vaccinology
Angelika Krumina, MD, PhD, Department of Infectology and Dermatology, Rīga Stradiņš University, Latvia
11.25 - 11.45 Coffee break
11.50 - 12.30 Autoimmunogenicity of DNA-binding domains
Maria Issagouliantis, PhD, A.Kirchenstein  Institute of  Microbiology and Virology, Rīga Stradiņš University, Latvia
12.30 - 13.10 Cancer-associated autoantibodies as biomarkers for early detection and prognosis in cancer
Aija Line, PhD, Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre
13.10 - 14.00 Lunch break
  Session 2. Infection and Immunity II
Session Chairs: Elena Kashuba, PhD; Aaro Miettinen, MD, PhD
14.00 - 14.40 Epstein-Barr virus and immunity
Elena Kashuba, PhD, Microbiology and Tumor Biology Centre, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
14.40 - 15.00 Persistent viruses and immune dysfunction in patients with different infectious and somatic pathology
Sviatlana Arlova, PhD, Centre of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Minsk, Belarus
15.20 - 15.40 The immunogenetics of human infectious diseases
Jelena Eglite, MD, PhD, Laboratory of Clinical Immunology and Immunogenetics, Rīga Stradiņš University, Latvia
15.40 - 16.00 Coffee break
16.00 - 16.40 Factors of the lectin pathway of complement activation and their clinical associations in neonates
Maciej Cedzynski, PhD, Institute for Medical Biology, Polish Academy
of Sciences, Poland
16.40 - 17.00 Chemokine receptors CCR1 and CCR2 in B cells
Irina Holodnuka, PhD, A.Kirchenstein Institute of Microbiology and Virology, Rīga Stradiņš University, Latvia

Friday, 4 April 2014

  Session 3. Visualization Methods and Translational Immunology
Session Chairs: Jonas Blomberg, MD, PhD;  Ludmila Viksna, MD, PhD
09.30 - 10.10 Immunological visualization: current research tools
Martins Kalis, PhD, A.Kirchenstein Institute of Microbiology and Virology, Rīga Stradiņš University, Latvia
10.10 - 10.40 Bioluminescence imaging of antitumor lymphocytes
Dainius Characiejus, MD, PhD, Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University, Lithuania
10.40 - 11.20 Shotgun epitope detection with synthetic peptides  
Jonas Blomberg, MD, PhD,Uppsala University, Sweden
11.20 - 11.40 Coffee break
11.40 - 12.20 Interaction between pancreatic beta cells and the immune system in physiology and in diabetes pathogenesis
Corrado M.Cilio, MD, PhD, University of Lund, Sweden
12.20 - 13.00 Autoimmune epithelitis in rheumatology: pathogenesis, epidemiology and clinical findings
Diana Mieliauskaite, MD, PhD, State Research Institute Centre for Innovative Medicine, Vilnius, Lithuania
13.00 - 13.50 Lunch break
  Session 4. Tumorimmunology, Virotherapy and Vaccines        
Session Chairs: Dainius Characiejus, MD, PhD;  Simona Donina, MD, PhD
13.50 - 14.30 Perspectives in Immunooncology
Aleksei Novik, MD, PhD, N.N.Petrov Research Institute of Oncology, Saint Petersburg, Russia
14.30 - 14.50 Concept of oncolytic virotherapy – clinical implementation
Simona Donina, MD, PhD, A.Kirchenstein Institute of Microbiology and Virology, Rīga Stradiņš University, Latvia
14.50 - 15.10 Oncolytic activity of Echo-7 virus in vitro
Dace Pjanova, PhD, Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre, Rīga, Latvia
15.10 - 15.30 Coffee break
15.30 - 16.05 Biomarkers of protection for use in TB vaccine trials
Hazel Dockrell, MD, PhD, The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK
16.05 - 16.25 SME contribution in research
Vaira Saulite, MD, PhD, Latima Ltd., Rīga, Latvia
16.25 - 16.45 Concluding remarks
Common strategy protocol

Mihails Barishevs, PhD, “Baltinfect” work package leader
Simona Donina, MD, PhD, President of Latvian Association of Immunologists
Uldis Berkis, PhD, Director of the Research Department, Rīga Stradiņš University, Latvia