On 1 April 2016 Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) signed a contract with the association "Enixus Baltics" (representing Accelerace) to bring research based technologies closer to market.


Enixus Baltics will manage an acceleration process that will explore the best ways to bring RSU intellectual property to market. While most ideas will not get to market within 5 months of the process, ultimately these ideas and their holders will have a clear plan how to achieve this. Enixus and Accelerace will hold seminars and trainings in the areas of entrepreneurship, such as business modelling, use of LEAN tools and creating strong partnerships. Also, experts will share opinions about the strength of legal protection of intellectual property. Researchers and idea promoters will also travel to Copenhagen where they will visit the Copenhagen Biosciences Park to work with carefully selected experts and potential partners.

Enixus will employ local and international coaches, specialists, and trainers to help RSU researchers acquire skills in entrepreneurship required to bring their research to paying markets. This contract will result in four commercial offers from RSU, increased awareness of RSU institutions of the possibility to commercialize research, and more international awareness of RSU as a strong partner for commercialization.

RSU is one of the Baltic region’s strongest teaching and research institutions focusing on health and bioscience. One particularly strong area at RSU is research of infectious diseases and immunology. The European Union recognized this in funding the 7th Framework programme project "Unlocking Infectious diseases research potential at Riga Stradiņš University" (Baltinfect).

In addition to promoting and developing high quality research, the Baltinfect project has striven to develop the intellectual property growing from this research. In summer 2014, Enixus Baltics helped to create an intellectual property development strategy, and now the time has come to try and bring the best RSU research closer to market.