Baltinfect stands for Collaborative Research Project on unlocking the research potential in the area of infectious, immunological and rare diseases at Riga Stradins University by establishing two new laboratories: a digital immunological visualisation laboratory and an infectious diseases modelling laboratory, and by up-scaling research personnel capacity by employing experienced incoming researchers. This will help facilitate integration into the ERA, accompanied by dedicated dissemination activities and two scientific workshops and one scientific conference. Through a 3.5-year collaborative research programme, the Strategic intellectual property development plan will allow the optimal management of intellectual assets at the University.

Finally, EC delegated experts will assess achievements and competitive EU research entity status of the University in the area of infectious diseases research, promoting higher level participation in the Horizon2020 programme, advancing contribution to Innovation Union flagship initiative and supporting European Innovation Partnerships.

Baltinfect is funded by a grant from the European Commission, Seventh Framework Programme:


Project managment scheme

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