1. Organisation of smooth and timely implementation of all project activities;
  2. Monitoring of the project’s progress and reporting of the outcomes to EC;
  3. Sound and reliable management of legal and financial issues;
  4. Implementation of recommendations of advisory board;
  5. Efficient control of project risks.

A brief description of the work

The kick-off meeting will open the BALTINFECT project. Project Steering Committee (PSC) will meet  at the start of each project year, at the closing of the project (Round Table with evaluators).  Permanent project staff will be contracted according to schedule of tasks. Schedule of joint activities with partnering organisations will be updated with exact dates. Regular project Management Team meetings will take place to ensure optimal and smooth implementation of BALTINFECT, to control eventual risks and take adequate and optimal decisions. The reports on BALTINFECT progress will be delivered after 18, 36, 42 months. A sub-contracted audit of certificate on financial statements will be carried out twice – after the completion of the project activities for M1-M18 and M19-M36. Advisory board will deliver an initial opinion and then an annual opinion about the achievement grade of Project objectives, about progress and attained results after each of the project years.


  1. Advisory Board report for Year-1 will focus on launching succsess of the Project.
  2. Advisory Board report for Year-2 will give advice based on 2/3 of the Project, on additional or corrected measures.
  3. Advisory Board report for Year-3- Advisory Board opinion at the edn of the Year-3 will give advice and independent opinion on completion of the project’s tasks.
  4. Final Advisory Board report will give opinion summarizing the final evaluation Ruond tabele with stakeholders.