1. Knowledge accumulation and experience exchange increasing the capacity of RSU researchers;
  2. Personal contacts and interaction potential that will benefit future further cooperation in collaborative international research projects, especially in H2020.

A brief description of the work

The main format of know-how and experience transfer (K&E transfer) will be direct two-way secondments between RSU and other institutions in the EU capable to deliver the necessary knowledge and experience to increase the potential of human resources at the RSU. The secondments are scheduled in relation to the research priorities of RSU in the following directions: research process management and knowledge transfer, imaging and new methods of visualisation in immunology, immunohistochemistry, new methods based on molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, systems biology, immune system response to the viral infection, epidemiology of viral diseases, methods for rare diseases research. Two coaching courses will be integrated into K&E activities. Courses will be led by the strategic partner Steinbeis Research Center Technology Management Northeast and will cover the issues of management of Intellectual property rights and research process management.

Handbook of Research Process Management for RSU after the training course will be developed during months.


D2.1) Half-time report on two-way secondments will demonstrate the contribution to research potential - knowledge and experience - development during the 1st half of the project.

D2.2) Final report on two-way secondments will give integrated overview of research potential contribution by two-way secondments.

D2.3) Research Process Management handbook for RSU will be developed in collaboration with partner Steinbeis Research Center Technology Management Northeast.