1. To encourage the international comparability and competitiveness of RSU research.
  2. To facilitate knowledge exchange among research institutions at regional and international level.
  3. To foster better integration of RSU researchers into European Research Area.
  4. To identify novel themes for future research.
  5. To facilitate networking activities by participants, build joint data and biomaterial depository as an essential part of research on infections, foster early research data exchange for emerging epidemics and increase regional impact.

A brief description of the work

The activities of the work package are planned to enable knowledge transfer between RSU and other institutions, to promote two part and multipart collaboration between institutions doing research in various directions of virology and communicable diseases in general with the main goal to give rise to strong research consortia in H2020 and to integrate the RSU into the European Research Area. There will be two thematic scientific workshops and one international scientific conference organized within the framework of the BALTINFECT project.


D5.1) Report on Workshop 1

D5.2) Report on Workshop 2

D5.3) Report on Workshop 3

D5.4) Report on Conference

D5.5) Report on Brokerage

D5.6) Common strategy protocol for research collaboration  will be developed during Workshops 1 and 3.