1. To foster visibility of RSU and BALTINFECT in ERA.
  2. To ensure informational basis for successful collaboration in research, highlighting the activities of H2020.
  3. To increase public awareness on topical issues of infectious diseases, to demonstrate the role of BALTINFECT in the solving of actual problems in this field
  4. To increase social and political acceptance of EU programmes and positive attitude towards sustainability of the results.

A brief description of the work

Creation and regular updating of webpage.The webpage will reflect the progress of the project, on-going activities, opportunities identified in the project, collaboration proposals. The webpage will contain links to regulatory acts related to the project and public reports of the project. Main events related to BALTINFECT project will be linked to RSU landing webpage.

Preparing, publication and dissemination of the flyer and brochure on RSU infectious diseases research. A special issue of the Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences (referred by SCOPUS) will be prepared; it will be dedicated to the traditions and the present state of infectious diseases research in Latvia, with strong emphasis on actual achievements, broad reflection of the BALTINFECT Project and perspectives arising from European cooperation.

The visibility of the project with the purpose of increasing the global recognition of RSU will be attained by preparing a special RSU-BALTINFECT booth/poster presentation at major infectious diseases events.

A profile on RSU will be placed in the CORDIS partner database. The profile will be distributed via the network of National Contact points. A special emphasis will be put to participation in H2020.

Special attention will be paid to the information to the target audience – industry, including SMEs, about the advanced topics of immunology, technology transfer and industrial involvement in this process. RSU will participate in the events (forums, exhibitions, brokerage events, seminars, information days etc.) organized and targeted to the representatives of industry.

Regular collaboration with public media to ensure flow of information. The BALTINFECT project will be reflected in 2 presentations of ca. 20-min length in broadcasting media: one in television and one in radio. Regular information updates will be distributed via press-services.

A special report will be produced about technological advancements in infectious diseases research, new diagnostics and therapies, future challenges, immunology frontiers in a comprehensible form. A popular science-film will be produced on the topical issues in infectious diseases research; challenges to living beings caused by viruses and bacteria, the role of outstanding researchers in infectious diseases research.

Targeted activities to integrate with ESFRI infrastructures in Translational research and Biobanking.

EU Council Presidency and public activities on Infectious diseases research – in 2015 EU Council Presidency of Latvia will take place in the 1st half of 2015. RSU will propose together with Latvian Ministry of Health to devote one of the Presidency events to the topic of infectious, rare, poverty related diseases.

Description of deliverables

D6.1) Webpage – report

D6.2) RSU flyer and brochure on infectious diseases research

D6.3) Report on the participation in international conferences

D6.4) Proceedings issue - special issue of Latvian Academy of Sciences (referred by SCOPUS) labelled 70th Anniversary of RSU MVI

D6.5) Report on dissemination activities

D6.6) Report on CORDIS profile and NCP distributable profile

D6.7) Technology report / SME report on modern virolgoy

D6.8) Updated RSU biobank catalogue – with implementation report

D6.9) ESFRI integration report

D6.10) Report on Presidency event