1. To finalize the project by objective external evaluation.
  2. To give an independent opinion about RSU research prospects on infectious diseases and make it available to stakeholders.
  3. To optimise RSU integration into ERA.

A brief description of the work

Project evaluation will take place after the end of the implementation of the Action Plan. Evaluation will be carried out by 3 independent international experts nominated by the Commission. RSU staff will prepare documents and other materials necessary for the external evaluation body to accomplish their work. Upon necessity discussion boards will be organised with representatives of Latvian ministries and agencies, the composition of which will be decided by the external evaluator. Results of the evaluation will be discussed in a Round Table by leading staff of infectious disease researching entities of RSU, Steering Committee and Scientific Advisory board, inviting representatives from Latvian Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Science, Latvian Academy of Sciences.


D7.1) External evaluation report together with protocol of the Round Table will be delivered to EC.